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International Students & Scholars

As an international student, you are eligible to work on campus up to 20 hours a week while school is in session and over 20 hours during semester breaks. You can find open student positions on Belmont’s Office of Human Resources website under “student employment.” Although international students are not eligible for federal work study positions, there are many other positions available to them. Many international students enjoy sharing their native language with other students in the Language Learning Center. If interested in this opportunity, please contact Michael Hudson-Wood.

Belmont University recognizes the importance of learning outside the classroom and has created many internship classes to help students gain practical training related to their field of study. International students are able to take part in these internships in their major field of study as long as they have maintained F-1 status for at least a year and have authorization from ISSS. Both part time and full time Curricular Practical Training opportunities are available to international students at Belmont University.

Upon graduation, most internationals students are eligible to apply for Optional Practical Training, which provides a minimum of 12 months of work authorization in their field of study. In order to apply, international students must have maintained their status for a minimum of one academic year before applying and must apply through USCIS. ISSS will help guide you through this process by creating a new I-20 for you and by reviewing your application before you submit it to USCIS.

Some students are also eligible for STEM OPT which provides an additional 24 months of work authorization to international students.