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Your college experience should prepare you for a successful career, but it should do so much more. You should learn about yourself, your community and the broader world, enabling you to make connections that will bring purpose and passion to every aspect of your life. At Belmont’s College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, our outstanding faculty will offer you an exceptional education while also providing the connections, guidance and mentorship to land your dream career. Here you will gain the knowledge, skills and spirit to be lifelong learners while being equipped to engage with local and global communities.

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Gain the knowledge and skills to engage with local and global communities!

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Liberal Arts & Social Sciences at Belmont

All of the academic disciplines within CLASS prioritize interdisciplinary studies that will teach you effective communication, problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, adaptability, research and cross-cultural knowledge. These skills—and the emotional intelligence they feed—rank high among the qualities modern employers are seeking across an array of fields.

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