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Tuition & Aid

Graduate & Professional Students

Graduate & Professional Tuition & Fees

Making the decision to pursue a graduate program at Belmont University is an investment in your future to become more competitive in the professional world and engage in life-long learning. Basic financial aid information is outlined below. Be sure to contact your graduate program of interest for the most updated information on scholarships, grants and graduate assistantship opportunities. Belmont’s Office of Student Financial Services is also available to counsel graduate students on how to best finance their graduate education.

2023-2024 Graduate & Professional Programs Tuition

Program Tuition
Master of Fine Arts $1,080 per hour
MAT, MEd - Teacher Leadership $1,020 per hour (30% discount included)
MSA, MM, MA, & MS Courses $1,450 per hour
MBA $1,500 per hour
MACC $1,500 per hour
MS Audio Engineering (0-8 hours) $1,555 per hour
MS Audio Engineering (9+ hours) $14,050 per semester
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) (0-8 hours) $1,660 per hour
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) (9+ hours) $14,985 per semester
MSN - Graduate Nursing $1,555 per hour
MA Mental Health Counseling (0-11 hours) $1,480 per hour
MA Mental Health Counseling (12+ hours) $17,685 per semester
Occupational Therapy $23,385 per semester
Occupational Therapy Weekend Program (MSOT) $16,490 per semester
Occupational Therapy (2nd year Spring 2024/Summer 2024) $11,693 per semester
Pharmacy $20,750 per semester
Pharmacy - 4th year (Summer/Fall 2023, Spring 2024) $13,833 per semester
Physical Therapy $23,385 per semester
Physical Therapy (2nd year Spring 2023/Summer 2024) $11,693 per semester
Law $26,185 per semester
PhD, Strategic Leadership in Education $1,020 per hour
PhD Counseling, Mental Health Counseling (0-11 hours) $1,480 per hour
PhD Counseling, Mental Health Counseling (12+ hours) $17,680 per semester

2023-2024 Consolidated Graduate Student Fee

Graduate Student Tuition
Hours Fee
Enrolled 0-3 Credit Hours $265.00 per semester
Enrolled 4-11 Credit Hours $475.00 per semester
Enrolled 12+ Credit Hours $625 per semester
Summer Term $265 per term

Graduate Cost Estimator (PDF)


Where do you start?

To determine your eligibility for any financial aid, graduate students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is available online and should be completed each year. Complete and return the FAFSA by the March 1 priority date.

Belmont will start the financial aid awarding process by February 1 each year. Please allow approximately four weeks to receive a response. Once all the forms are received, your file will be reviewed.

How do I apply for financial aid?

Fill out and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can complete the FAFSA online. The priority date for completion of the FAFSA is December 1 each year. Be sure to indicate Belmont's Title IV code on your application -- 003479 -- to ensure that our Office of Student Financial Services receives your application results.

View our quick guide to filing your FAFSA

You should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) after completing your FAFSA. The SAR is typically sent in an email from the Department of Education. Review the SAR for accuracy and follow any instructions on the report. If your SAR is incorrect, please make the corrections and submit an updated FAFSA. Belmont will receive an electronic version from the federal processor.


If you have been selected for verification, there will be an asterisk next to your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on your SAR.  You will also receive an email from Belmont explaining the required next steps to complete the process using the Dynamic Forms document portal. 

Learn more about Verification

Upon admission to Belmont, you are automatically considered for all sources of merit aid. However, some departmental scholarships and grants may require a separate application. Your FAFSA application will also be used to determine eligibility for any institutional need-based aid outside of federal grants and loans.

Belmont's Office of Student Financial Services begins reviewing FAFSAs as soon as possible after February 1. Awards are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Financial aid notifications are emailed to students as awards are completed.

Once the Office of Student Financial Services has reviewed your FAFSA application for financial assistance, you will receive a financial aid notification. 

  • Review your financial aid notification carefully and retain it for your records.  Included is important information regarding financial aid policies, procedures and requirements necessary to accept, maintain and renew your assistance.
  • Review the cost estimator worksheet on our website for financial planning purposes. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the information to avoid unexpected changes in your financial aid award.

Processed financial aid will apply directly to your student account. Financial aid offers are based on full-time enrollment. Any reduction in the total number of registered hours may result in an adjustment to the financial aid offer. Institutional scholarships are based on full-time enrollment (a minimum of 12 hours per semester). Full-time enrollment is 12 hours for undergraduate students and six hours for graduate students. Students must also be making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in order to receive financial aid.

Learn more about Financial Aid Awards

Graduate Financial Aid Options


Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan
Direct Unsubsidized Stafford loans are awarded without regard to financial need. Interest will accrue from the time the loan is disbursed. The student must submit a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete online entrance counseling through for their first Stafford Loan at Belmont University. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least three hours to receive these loans.

Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loans
Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loans are credit-based loans for graduate students. Graduate students may complete a PLUS Credit Application and, if approved, may use the funds to help pay for education expenses up to the cost of attendance minus all other financial assistance. Interest is charged during all periods. Students must be enrolled at least three hours. If you are applying for a Direct PLUS for the first time as a graduate/professional student, you’ll need to complete a Graduate PLUS MPN through that is separate from the one that you use for your Direct Unsubsidized Loans.

Learn more about Student Loans


Grants and scholarships vary with each graduate program. Information about these awards can be found online under your graduate program of interest. You may also contact your department of interest directly to find out more.


Graduate assistants offer the chance for a graduate student to work within the university community while benefiting from a reduction in graduate tuition. These opportunities vary with each graduate program. Information about graduate assistantships can be found online under your graduate program of interest. You may also contact your department of interest directly to find out more.


Effective for summer 2023, students who have previously graduated from Belmont University with an undergraduate degree earn a 20% reduction of the cost of graduate tuition when enrolling into a new graduate program. Students must complete the graduate application by the appropriate deadline and be accepted to the graduate program.  No additional institutional grants or discounts can be applied. The discount is for alumni entering into a new graduate program and is not applicable to students enrolled prior to the 2023-24 academic year.