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Faculty Fellowships Program

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We have fellowships in any academic area where we offer a major or minor. 

Two years, beginning in  June of each year. 

Eight years, originally only in one college but now in all colleges.

We can accept up to ten fellows each year.

You can still apply and begin the fellows program.  We ask that applicants have their work complete and that they can defend their final work within six months of beginning the fellowship.

That depends on your teaching assignments and research interest.  It is Belmont’s responsibility to identify an engaged mentor for you that will support your work, assist you as a teacher and counsel you on the processes and policies in higher education.

Yes, we agree to that on an individual bases, depending on the teaching and research requirements.

Belmont is a teaching focused institution. Many of our scholarly contributions are performances and presentations, as well as writings. We are known for our teaching and our scholarship of teaching and learning.  However, other research directions are evolving!

Your research will most likely be supported by funds in your college.

You will teach a half load, which is 12 credit hours in an undergraduate program or 9 credit hours in a graduate program each year of the fellowship. This will be assigned over the fall and spring semesters and summer programs.

Visit our How to Apply page and choose the college you want to apply to complete your application.

Nashville is a vibrant, growing city that has a lot to offer.  One of the best places to read about Nashville is on the Chamber of Commerce web site at:

Yes, we have hired several fellows in the School of Theology & Christian Ministry, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (English & Communication Studies), College of Business, College of Entertainment and Music Business, College of Pharmacy and College of Music and Performing Arts.

Yes, Belmont University provides an annual stipend of $60,000 as well as $2,000 per year for professional development.

If you have questions about the stipend, travel support, etc., contact La Kiesha Armstrong at 615.460.6964 or

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