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Church Leadership and Administration, BA

Study Church Leadership and Administration at Belmont. 

Why Major in Church Leadership and Administration? 

The Church Leadership & Administration is an innovative major that recognizes the need for ministers, pastors and clergy leaders to better understand business principles, take a leadership role in how church business is conducted and improve the professionalism of their team.

Even the pastor of a small church can be responsible for a six-figure budget and a multi-person staff, and this program aims to equip aspiring church leaders for every aspect of their future work.

What You'll Learn 

  • You will learn to develop pastoral skills such as preaching, exegetical studies, leading a local church and soul care.
  • You will learn the principles of business, economics and administration.
  • You will explore the depths of biblical studies in the Old and New Testaments.
  • You will learn to manage groups of volunteers and employees.
  • You will learn how to engage theology in a diverse environment with peers from various demographics.

Career Possibilities

  • Pastor/Minister
  • Youth Pastor/Minister
  • College Pastor/Minister
  • Non-profit/Church Administrator
  • Volunteer/Employee Manager
  • Entrepreneur

Program Details


The Church Leadership and Administration major leads to a bachelor of arts. It requires 128 hours of coursework.

  • BELL Core requirements: 52 hours
  • Major requirement including religion core and area of emphasis: 36 hours
  • General electives: 1 hour

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Courses You'll Take

REL 1250, Introduction to New Testament and Exegetical Methods

An advanced Biblical studies course for religion majors which focuses upon the interpretation of the New Testament and introduces the methodology of biblical exegesis.

REL 2350, Christian Doctrine

A study of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.

REL 1410, Vocation and the Christian Life

An introduction to the study of religion with emphasis on research skills, writing and personal development.

REL 2410, Spiritual Formation

An emphasis upon using an entire lifetime to be formed by God. The course focuses upon personal discipline, spiritual reading, journal keeping and dream interpretation as means of being attentive to God.

REL 2510, Christian Ethics

An introduction to Christian Ethics, with attention given to methodology, biblical foundations, types of ethical thought and Christian responsibility in relation to current social problems.

REL 3310, Church History I or REL 3320, Church History II

REL 3310 Church History I: Ancient and Medieval Eras

A survey of the history of Christianity from the first to the fourteenth centuries that explores significant ideas, persons, movements and institutions.

REL 3320 Church History II: Reformation and Modern Eras

A survey of the history of Christianity from the fifteenth century to the present that explores significant ideas, persons, movements and institutions.

REL 4015, Colloquium for Religion Majors

A colloquium designed as a capstone experience for majors which integrates biblical, theological, historical and practical studies. The course focuses on the student as a practicing theologian.

World Religions (choose one course)

REL 3090 Spirituality in World Religions

A comparative exploration of spirituality in the major world religions and select indigenous peoples, examining how these traditions perceive the purpose of human life and ultimate concerns in relation to the divine.

REL 3095 Ethics in World Religions

This course is an exploration of ethics and choice in the major world religions, examining how these traditions perceive the purpose of human life and ultimate concerns in relations to the Divine. This course explores the frameworks of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam.

REL 4590 World Religions

A phenomenological study of the major world religions with emphasis on the attempts of each to deal with the problems which confront humans.

Any REL 3000 level Study Abroad course

REL 2450, Dynamics of the Local Church: Practice of Ministry

A course designed to develop practical leadership skills for Christian ministry including time and money management, interpersonal relationships, decision making, leadership style, planning, organizing and directing.

REL 3430, Pastoral Care: Practice of Ministry

A course designed to create practical skills in ministry under professional supervision, including hospital visitation, a pastoral internship and exposure to denominational agencies.

REL 3460, Worship and Preaching: Practice of Ministry

A study of worship as the rehearsal of the acts of God by a believing community. Attention is given to the principles of preaching as part of worship.

REL 4410, Servant Leadership

Exploration of current leadership theories and their application to the Christian Leadership environment. Particular attention given to the transformational aspects of servant leadership.

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