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Annual Giving

Giving Opportunities

Your support transforms Belmont!

When we support the areas that matter to us, Belmont truly becomes “our” University.  Whether you direct your gifts to your college, Athletics, missions or somewhere else, your support makes a transformative difference for students, faculty, staff and the whole Belmont community. 

Annual Giving represents the thousands of donors who invest in Belmont’s future.

Annual Giving Priorities

  • Belmont Fund: The Belmont fund provides Belmont with unrestricted income that can be used towards the University's areas of greatest need.
  • College Annual Funds: College funds allow deans, faculty and staff to operate with excellence and meet evolving needs of their students.
  • Bruin Club: Bruin Club supports Athletics by providing scholarships and program enhancements critical to the growing demands of high-level competition.
  • All other current use funds: All other current use funds contribute to Belmont's Annual Giving program and provide resources to continuously improve academic and organizational capabilities.

Leadership Annual Giving: Champions Scholarship

A graduating student walks down a walkway with a warm smile on her faceAt Belmont, we aim to be recognized as the leading Christ-centered University in the world and serve as champions for helping people and communities flourish. Raising significant scholarship support is essential to this goal. We invite those interested in a Leadership Annual Gift to contribute to the Champions Scholarship program.

Scholarships allow the University to recruit and retain the highest caliber students from all backgrounds, regardless of financial need. They create pathways for students to grow and thrive in a Christ-centered community before they embark to make the world a better place. Scholarships also provide the resources for Belmont to pursue excellence in other areas across campus and enhance our reputation at the forefront of higher education.

Consider becoming a champion for a Belmont student by investing in the Champions Scholarship program. You can fund a Champions Scholarship at three levels:

  • $2,500
  • $5,000
  • $10,000

Your gift will support one student for one year as they attend Belmont. Champions Scholars are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students and have the most flexibility in meeting the needs of Belmont's student body.

Those who support Champions Scholars with a Leadership Annual gift will receive an annual communication from one of the many Champions Scholars

Belmont Faithful logo, celebrating Belmont's loyal annual donors

Belmont Faithful

Belmont celebrates its loyal donors! Belmont Faithful recognizes donors who have made gifts to Belmont over consecutive calendar years. Consider joining the Belmont Faithful society by making your annual gift each year by December 31st.