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About the Criminal Law Journal 


The Belmont Criminal Law Journal was started in January 2016. Since its inception, the Journal’s members have been working diligently to build a unique publication with a practitioner focus. The Belmont Criminal Law Journal serves to highlight scholarly work while also offering case summaries, notes, articles, and multimedia content that will educate law students, as well as practitioners working in the area of criminal law.

Because the criminal law field is always evolving, the Belmont Criminal Law Journal will stay up-to-date following the current issues affecting the practice of criminal law. Specifically, our online content focuses on criminal law cases handed down from the Supreme Court of Tennessee, so please be sure to check back frequently for insight and perspectives on current cases.

Criminal Law Symposium

The Criminal Law Journal hosts an annual symposium typically in the Spring of every year at the Belmont University College of Law. Please check the Events page for more information about the symposium, and registration.




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