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Exam 4

FAQs & Instructions

Belmont Law students will be able to take midterm, final, and Bar Refresher exams using their personal laptop computers. Exam4 software is used for these exams. Approximately one week before exams begin each semester, students will receive an email notifying them that the software is available for download. There is a new version of the software twice per semester (once for midterm/Bar Refresher and once for finals). All prior versions of the software from earlier semesters are date-expired and will not work. Please click this link for all supported operating systems. 

Once you have downloaded the Exam4 software, take a practice exam until you get to the exam submission process to verify the software is properly working. Do not type any material in your practice exam that you wish to review later because it cannot be retrieved from the software. Also, ensure that you select "Practice Exam CLOSED" for the course when running a practice exam in the software. 

For instructions on how to download the software and/or take an exam, please see the following below:

Exam 4