Student working on view camera film on a light table


Watkins College of Art: Student Work


Explore work by our Photography students showcasing projects like film, large-format, cyanotypes, portraiture, documentary, street photography, travel photography and more.

Grid of blue fabric

Dog barking from behind gate at sunrise

Black and white photo of forest trail

People wearing horn\ed helmets and bright orange capes

Girl with mesh over her face in red lighting

2 boys doing tricks on their bikes in a street

2 women wearing long skirts on the porch of an old house in black and white

Close up of girl with brown hair looking to the side on a black background

Indian man sitting on the ground next to a blue bike while he talks on his phone

Landscape shot of snow covered mountains with a church and an cross

Old diner in black and white

Red headed girl inn blue jacket sitting on a brick wall

Old dirty couch in the woods

Black and white photo of a bare tree

man walking on city street at sunset with light shining on him

man in leather jacket smoking while a white and orange kitten sits on him shoulder

Black and white image of a hand and arm wrapping around a tree branch

campsite at dusk with fire going

Photo of families on shore in India

Black and white photo of back of girls black hair in woods at night