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Pathway 1: Whole-Person Formation

Strategic Path to 2030

Pathway 1

Be the model for whole person formation, to teach and develop people of character, purpose, wisdom and transformational mindset.

Pathway 1 lays the groundwork for Belmont’s Strategic Trajectory to 2030. To innovate, tell compelling stories of truth, beauty and goodness, create environments of belonging and lead a life of health, we must cultivate our own sense of purpose and vision. Whole person formation is tending to every aspect of a person's development. At Belmont, we hope to aid in this process by showing up for every member of our community’s emotional and social growth as well as their intellectual growth. It’s about helping them understand and discern the kind of person they want to be. What character traits and values are most important to them? In practice, this has been the focus for our alumni purpose mentorship program, where we connect alumni across colleges to students seeking out similar fields. For more information on Pathway 1 and its impact across our campus community, contact Nathan Webb at

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