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Pathway 2: Data-Informed Social Innovation

Strategic Path to 2030

Pathway 2

Lead the way in data-informed social innovation to enable regions to thrive.

Pathway 2 can be boiled down to one simple, biblical teaching: Love thy neighbor (Matthew 22:37–39.) Realistically, this goal is hefty and requires an ample amount of care and consideration. It’s easy to spend time learning about how best to nurture your community, but the Belmont community is interested in developing tangible hope. Social innovation means creative problem-solving and pursuing opportunities to generate social good. Our first annual Hope Summit, scheduled for October 24-26 on our campus, will be focused on Pathway 2 and how we can rethink some of these ideas for the betterment of our own region. For more information on Pathway 2 and its impact across our campus community, contact Josh Yates at

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