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Theatre Production Design, BFA

Gain practical skills and build a portfolio for costume, set and lighting design through immersive arts experiences.

Why Major in Production Design? 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a professional costume, set or lighting designer in theatre and other performance mediums, Belmont's Production Design Emphasis was designed with you in mind.

With this degree, you'll be prepared to compete and succeed in the continually evolving world of entertainment direction, giving you the flexibility and skillsets needed to thrive in a variety of entertainment positions.

Most department productions are student-designed with many students graduating with at least 6-8 fully realized designs on their resumes.

What You'll Learn

Gain immediate, practical experience in all areas:


  • Lighting design
  • Set design
  • Costume design
  • Projection design
  • Sound design
  • Stage management
  • Props manufacturing
  • Set construction
  • Costume construction
  • Master electrician
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Career Possibilities

  • Lighting Designers
  • Set Designers
  • Costume Designers
  • Small Business Owners
  • CAD and Creative Graphics Artists
  • Production Stage Designers
  • Stage Managers
  • Production Assistants
  • Sound Designers
  • Projection Design and Creation
  • Event Design and Management
  • Technical Direction

Program Details


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with an emphasis in Production Design majors complete 128 hours of coursework over the course of their undergraduate career. This includes immersive production labs that allow our majors to experience all facets of theatre.

  • BELL Core Requirements: 38 Hours
  • Theatre Core: 24 Hours
  • Production Design Requirements: 49 Hours
  • Theatre Elective Courses: 7 Hours
  • General Electives: 10 Hours (minimum)

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Courses you'll take

TDR 2610, Set Design I

Aesthetics and process of Set Design. Emphasis on the principles and theories of design as they relate to the development of a production design concept. Course includes basic design development including concept meetings, research, rendering, model construction and the design package.

TDR 2620, Lighting Design I

Aesthetics and process of Light Design. Emphasis on the principles of light and the foundations of theatrical light design. Course includes basic design development including concept meetings, research, plot development and design realization.

TDR 2630, Costume Design I

Project-based class that examines the process, elements and aesthetics costume design. Coursework focuses on text analysis, historical research, design concept, character development, rendering techniques, fabric choices, communication skills and design assessment.

TDR 2640, Stage Make-up

Studio-based class that explores basic stage makeup: research and character development, materials and techniques. Coursework focuses on contour, corrective techniques, aging, historical periods and stylized makeup design.

TDR 3610, Computer Assisted Design

The study of computer technology as a tool for the design process including 3-D rendering, CADD, Figure Drawing, Light plot development and graphic arts programs.

TDR 4120, Advanced Production Design

Advanced design course focusing on collaborative production design. The course includes advanced design development, typical production drawings and paperwork, production budgeting and final design presentations. Designers will be required to design in two or more disciplines. May be repeated for credit.

TDR 4520, Period Styles

Intensive study of major historical periods including major movements in acting, directing, design, period style and décor. This course involves interactive collaborative presentations and extensive research projects.

TDR 2120, Audition/Portfolio I

Focus on basic audition preparation, portfolio development and resume techniques.

TDR 3120, Audition/Portfolio II

Extensive individual coaching in style and presentation of audition material, design portfolios, directing books and monologues. Students will develop audition technique, audition and portfolio material and professional resumes in preparation for professional work.

TDR 4015, Senior Capstone in Theatre

This course is the culminating experience in the major, and also addresses the goals for the Senior Capstone as defined in the BELL Core Curriculum, including reflection on the student’s academic experience and on the transition from the university setting to professional life. The senior may produce, direct, design or act in a project to be chosen by the student and the student’s advisor. Additionally, the senior will be responsible for all aspects of the production, including production management and budgeting. This project may be completed on or off campus, may be completed solely or with a partner, and must culminate in a major performance and presentation. This course is to be taken in the final year of residence before graduation.

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