Theatre students perform retelling of Cinderella

Outcomes & Alumni Success

College of Music & Performing Arts

"My time in the Belmont music department were among some of the best of my life. The faculty pushed me to explore a variety of genres, find nuance and meaning in musical forms, and develop my own unique musical voice. Most importantly, I was surrounded by a campus community that constantly uplifted and supported me on my journey."

Ben Holcomb
Ben Holcomb | Music Theory and Piano Performance

Brigid Smullen
Brigid Smullen | Composition

"I chose Belmont because I knew that I wanted to be part of a program that would foster all aspects of who I am as a student, a composer, and a creative. As a Music Composition major, I have been able to explore a multitude of genres, styles, and mediums that I am interested in through the support and guidance of my professors and peers. During my time as a student, I have learned so much about the creative world through collaboration and connection with other members of the Belmont community."

"My experience as a musical theatre major has not been easy. There have been moments of regret and restlessness, nevertheless I believe a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor and through those moments I was about to find joy in performing and making long lasting, and meaningful relationships with other talented individuals. 

I choose to study musical theatre because I have a passion to encourage an audience through storytelling, engage them in a way that allows them to laugh or cry and feel free and accepted to feel those emotions, and to entertain people again and again and again. In today's time, we need actors willing to do those things and more and I knew I want to hone that craft to be the best ME that I could be."

Chamberlin Little
Chamberlin Little | Musical Theatre

Garrett Brooks
Garrett Brooks | Music Education

"My time at Belmont has been nothing short of life-changing. I chose to study here because of Belmont's world-class faculty and for the opportunities I knew it would provide. Since studying here, the incredible professors have pushed me to become the very best I can be and allowed me to reach heights I never would have thought possible!"