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First-Year Student Profile

Gain some insight into the Class of 2027

A Snapshot of the Class of 2027

Belmont University is proud to welcome the members of the Class of 2027, a dynamic group of first-year students who reflect a wide variety of interests, experiences and accomplishments. These stats provide some insight into Belmont’s newest first-year class:

By the Numbers

First-Year Student Average Test Scores*

on the ACT
on the SAT

Students came from across the United States

Incoming first-year students hailed from 9 foreign countries and 47 states; 67% of students hail from outside Tennessee. 

A map of the United States showing the numbers of students from each state

By the Numbers

Fall 2023 First-Year Student Facts & Figures

Average HS GPA
First-Year Students
Diverse Students
Received an Academic Merit Scholarship
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*Approximately 49% of first-year applicants submitted an ACT/SAT score.