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Returning as a Belmont Student

Welcome back to Belmont!

A returning or re-enrolling student is someone who has been a degree-seeking student at Belmont for at least one semester. Students applying for re-admission to Belmont are considered on the same basis as new applicants to the University for that particular term and must adhere to the same application deadlines. Re-admission cannot be considered if the student has any unsettled business with Belmont University or any other institution attended, whether in the form of a financial, disciplinary or academic obligation. Once those issues have been resolved and the Office of Admissions has been notified of the resolution in writing by that institution, the application will be considered.

Before one begins the process of re-enrolling, the student is liable for checking their MyBelmont account for any holds that may have been placed on the account. One cannot be re-admitted to Belmont until these are cleared.

How to apply:

  1. If a student has been away from Belmont they can re-enroll by using the Belmont Application and selecting re-enroll as their student and admission type.

  2. The application fee can be waived. The student should email their admission counselor for the fee waiver code.

  3. No essay is required. However, the student will need to type something in the essay “box” stating you are indeed re-enrolling. This way you will not have to write another essay. There must be something placed in this area or the application will not allow you to submit the application information.

  4. Request that official transcripts be sent from the high school directly to the Office of Admissions. For a transcript to be official, it may not be marked “Issued to Student." Belmont will accept official transcripts via mail, Parchment, Clearinghouse, Naviance or SCOIR.

    The mailing address is:

    Office of Admissions
    1900 Belmont Blvd.
    Nashville, TN 37212

  5. If the returning student is a music, art, theatre or songwriting major, they will need to check with the individual department to see if another portfolio or audition is required.

For more information email Mary Byars, Assistant Director of Admissions.