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The Belmont Alumni Network is made by Bruins and specially for Bruins to facilitate lasting, impactful connections.

Whether you’re looking for a new job, hoping to hire Belmont alumni in your field, or wondering where your fellow Bruins are today, the Belmont Alumni Network is for you. After creating an account, you can find other alumni who share your industry, were part of the same student groups as you, live in your area and are looking for the same kinds of professional connections as you.


Unlike traditional social media platforms, there are no advertisements to contend with, every member of the Belmont Alumni Network has been manually verified by the Alumni & Family Engagement team as Belmont community members, and the website is designed to serve you—not the other way around.

Looking for career advice or resume feedback? Hoping to hire a recent Belmont grad? Wondering how many Bruins live in your area? Create an account and make connections in seconds.

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The Belmont Alumni Network platform facilitates professional connections among alumni. Whether you're looking to make an impact on other alumni with professional services or are looking to advance your own career, getting connected on the Belmont Alumni Network is an excellent place to start.