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Concerns about bias and discrimination

How do I report an incident of discrimination or harassment?

Belmont University values and celebrates the diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences and perspectives of our community members. By encouraging and celebrating these differences, we create an environment that promotes freedom of thought and academic excellence. Belmont University denounces harassment and/or discrimination. Such conduct creates a hostile educational, living, and working environment and such acts are not tolerated in our academic community.

Harassment and/or Discrimination refers to language, symbols, behaviors and acts that demonstrate discrimination or hate against persons or groups because of one or more of the following identity categories (perceived or otherwise): race, ethnicity, faith tradition, national origin, gender, gender expression/identity, sexual orientation, age/generation, socio-economic status and disability. These categories are examples and are not an exhaustive list of attributes or characteristics protected under this policy.

In this context, Harassment and/or Discrimination refers to the formal reporting of  speech/rhetoric, violence, symbols or actions that have a discriminatory or bias connotation. Students, faculty or staff that have witnessed or have experienced behavior that falls within this definition and wish to report it to the Belmont University administration are asked to complete this form.

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