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This is different than what I expected

This is so different than what I expected - who can I talk to about this?

Choosing a college is a complex decision. We support your decision and we want to help you acclimate and find your place. If you're having difficulties, ask these offices.


Building: Heron Hall - Academic/Lower Level
Room Number: B-101
Phone: 615-460-5702
Email: gps@belmont.edu
Website: www.belmont.edu/gps

GPS is here to assist you with a variety of issues including academic advising, degree completion planning, life skills training, academic recovery, and more. GPS coaches are here to help! Contact us to set up a coaching session.  

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Building: Beaman Student Life Center
Room Number: Suite 200
Phone: 615-460-6407
Email: studentcare@belmont.edu
Website: www.belmont.edu/student-care

The Office of Student Care & Support is here to assist you when you experience difficulties that may prevent full engagement in the collegiate experience or hinder your success. We are here to help when you find yourself facing a variety of academic, health, and/or personal challenges and will walk alongside you to craft  a plan that meets your needs. 

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