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Belmont Global Honors

Our Program

Belmont Global Honors is uniquely committed to:

Writing and Research: Writing and researching in the twenty-first century takes on many forms. Whether you’re interested in traditional modes of research that occur in the library or laboratory, endeavors that culminate in artistic creation, or projects that apply knowledge to real-world contexts, Belmont Global Honors is designed to help you grow and thrive. Throughout our curriculum, we encourage all of Global Honors students to learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, a collaborative global effort to encourage peace and prosperity for all. You’ll write and research in practically all of your Honors courses, and your Belmont Global Honors experience will culminate in the Honors' Scholars Collaborative, three courses that will shepherd you through the stages of proposal, planning, project management, presentation, and deep reflection.

Living, Learning, and Studying Abroad: In the spring semester of the second year, Belmont Global Honors students study abroad in locations throughout the world and are accompanied by Belmont faculty members and their families. Having this experience early on in your undergraduate career allows you to develop strong communal bonds with one another around a common international experience. This distinctive study abroad experience for students in Belmont Global Honors provides opportunities to reflect on your global perspectives and experiences as you continue on in your major.

Leadership: Belmont Global Honors is committed to preparing and empowering Honors students with a toolbox of leadership skills and experiences in and out of the classroom. Leadership is part of every Belmont Global Honors student’s experience—through courses, study abroad, experiential and service learning in the Nashville community, campus engagement, and a centralized leadership database and hub in the Division of Student Affairs Belmont Office of Leadership Development (BOLD). Students who choose to become Honors Leadership Fellows learn about serving and motivating others through a series of fun, educational, and informal events. 


Our Values

  1. BREAK AWAY from the checklist mindset as you discover and cultivate your unique potential and purpose
  2. EXPLORE, engage, and evolve in immersive intercultural experiences
  3. LISTEN to and learn from the stories, ideas, and experiences of others in order to shape a better world for all
  4. BELONG to an intentional and nurturing community that values critical thinking
  5. DESIGN innovative, data-informed, and creative projects that foster leadership, cooperation, and transformation 

Our Mission

Honors offers a distinctive curriculum to bright, talented, ambitious students from an array of backgrounds. We provide opportunities to build confidence and competence through global exploration, interdisciplinary seminars, collaborative environments for scholarship, and a supportive community of mentors and friends. 

Our Vision

We inspire ambitious Belmont students from diverse backgrounds to become exemplary scholars, honorable leaders, and compassionate citizens. 

Dr. Bonnie Smith WhitehouseWelcome to our Belmont Global Honors website! We’d absolutely love to meet you in person on Belmont’s campus, so let us know if you’ll be around.

Belmont Global Honors students come to Belmont with imaginations as wide as the sky. We encourage them to dream big, and we help them acquire the know-how to make their visions come to life. Over the years, our students have:
  • composed a full production of an original musical
  • created a community-wide economic plan for a disadvantaged historic neighborhood in Nashville
  • researched and written about Chinese sweatshops inside China
  • provided healthcare to the poorest in Africa and ministered to orphans in India
  • performed on Broadway and in Hollywood, worked at Comedy Central, and toured with some of the biggest stars in the music industry
  • worked in the halls of Congress and managed multinational firms in Hong Kong and Germany
  • become teachers, professors, scholars, writers, and inventors.

Belmont Global Honors students tend to be intellectually curious, and they major and minor in areas representing every college and school on Belmont’s campus.

They’re explorers who long to study abroad; in fact, each and every Belmont Global Honors student will study abroad in the spring semester of their second year. Belmont Global Honors students tend to take academics and leadership seriously, but they’re committed to serving their communities, too. They’re volunteers for area non-profits, they’re Belmont Writing Fellows, they're Bruin Recruiters, and they’re officers in student government. Belmont Global Honors students perform onstage, they conduct independent research projects, they play collegiate-level sports, and they’re placed in local and international internships. Many Global Honors students have gone on to pursue self-designed international work adventures through Belmont's prestigious Lumos Travel Award. 

Belmont Global Honors students benefit from one-on-one advising and mentoring, from the extraordinarily close Global Honors community, and from taking classes with some of Belmont’s most talented and devoted faculty members. Our students tend to be determined and ambitious, and in Belmont Global Honors, they flourish.

We’d love to tell you more about Belmont Global Honors, and we’d love to hear more about you!

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