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Belmont Global Honors

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Inspiring, challenging, and empowering men and women of diverse backgrounds to engage and transform the world is the heart and soul of Belmont’s mission. Belmont Global Honors offers unique opportunities to exceptionally talented, motivated undergraduates, including:

  • Pursuing Your Passions. A flexible curriculum means ample opportunities to write, research, serve, and innovate. Experiences designed to help Honors students develop and flourish as leaders are embedded throughout the Belmont Global Honors curriculum.
  • Studying Abroad. In the second year, Honors students are accompanied by Belmont faculty members to study abroad in locations across the globe.
  • Discovering Lifelong Community. Belmont Global Honors courses are taught by talented, dedicated faculty members from across campus. Honors students inspire and challenge one another and sustain connections that extend past the walls of classrooms and well beyond their years at Belmont. 

Belmont Honors Program

Ambitious, energetic students who seek vibrant community, aspire to grow as leaders, and dream of connecting their passions with the world’s needs call Belmont Global Honors home.

Belmont Global Honors: A Place To Connect, Grow, Explore, Thrive, Transform.

Connect With Classmates, Faculty and Staff

Grow Intellectually in Our Small Seminar Courses

Explore As You Live And Learn Abroad With Your Honors Community

Thrive As You Embark On a Special Project Unique to Your Dreams and Career Plans

Be Transformed By the Faculty, Peers and Honors Program Community Who You Learn Alongside 

These are just some of the reasons why more than 500 Belmont students call Belmont Global Honors home. In keeping with Belmont's mission, Belmont Global Honors offers unique opportunities to explore the complexities of our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. You’ll learn about yourself, your strengths and your ambitions. The program offers:

  • Small, stimulating seminar courses where discussions are lively and engaging, offering greater contact with faculty and like-minded peers
  • Time and space to imagine and complete a major project of your own
  • Study abroad semester in your second year
  • Fun, community building events with fellow Belmont Global Honors students sponsored through the Honors Student Council (HSC)
  • Opportunities for community service
  • Private receptions and salons with distinguished guest speakers
  • Support for project research and a copy of your major project made available to the public by the Belmont University library
  • Recognition as a “Belmont Honors Scholar” in the commencement program and a unique medallion worn at graduation

Stories from the Global Honors Program