Massey Rogers center lobby with students walking to class


Jack C. Massey College of Business

Massey Rogers Building outside shotThe Massey Business Center completed its renovation in early 2016, providing major upgrades and modernization of classroom, meeting and office space throughout the building. In addition to expanding the lobby and adding a central staircase, the second-floor atrium is dominated by a glass-enclosed, state-of-the-art financial trading center with a full data wall, Bloomberg Terminal, and 36 high-end FlipIT computer desks. In 2005, Belmont was the first University in Tennessee to open a financial training laboratory, and now this newly expanded and enhanced trading center further enables undergraduate business students to access and analyze financial information in a completely interactive environment.

Massey Rogers Building inside lobby shotAnother exciting addition can be found in the second floor Accelerator space for entrepreneurs. With entrepreneurship leading the way as the College of Business’ fastest growing major, the Accelerator space is designed to help take new businesses to the next level. Student entrepreneurs must apply to take part after successfully launching a business. Once accepted, the Accelerator space provides a comfortable and creative setting and personalized mentorship, along with a super smart Eno Board that seamlessly functions as an interactive white board computer screen for analog or digital content.

Other highlights of the newly renovated business center include:

  • An HD video conferencing room with 80-inch monitors and multiple cameras. Plans for the room include expansion of University’s Healthcare MBA program so that hospitals nationwide can send students to virtual classes
  • Four-screen Media:Scape room to allow executive and student teams to share digital content and do collaborative research and project management in real time
  • New multi-functional office and meeting spaces for Center for Business Ethics and Center for International Business
  • Increased computer lab capacity by 64 percent
  • Space optimization with all classrooms to account for increased current demand and anticipated future growth
  • Numerous spaces for collaborations among faculty, students and the local business community

Massey classroom with students studying     Massey classroom with students listening to professor

Massey classroom with students listening to professor while working on a computer     Massey classroom with students listening to professor and class discussion