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Tennessee Community Colleges

Taking Courses through TENNESSEE Community Colleges

Students wanting to take courses through any of the Tennessee community colleges listed below, should refer to the appropriate linked transfer equivalency PDF. If the desired community college course has a direct Belmont equivalency, then a concurrent enrollmnet request is not necessary because the course will transfer back exactly as noted. Students can register for the course and send the official transcript to the Office of the Registrar when the course is complete. 

Click on the college link below, locate the course you are planning to take, and if a Belmont course is listed beside it, then that course will transfer to Belmont as specified. You do NOT need to submit a Concurrent Enrollment Request for these pre-approved courses. 


Courses Not Listed on Equivalency Links Above

If a course at a Tennessee community college is not listed on one of the forms above, then a concurrent enrollment request is necessary. 

SENIORS with 94+ completed hours are required to complete the last 32 hours of their degree program at Belmont. Students may request an exception to this policy via a senior residency waiver. Seniors in this situation will need to complete a concurrent enrollment/senior residency waiver request regardless if the course is pre-approved on one of the lists above