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Study Abroad Financial Facts

Essential financial planning resources for students intending to study abroad

The following are essential financial planning resources for students intending to study abroad. Click on the tabs below to access more information on costs, financial aid, payment details, and policies for study abroad programs.

Some information highlights include:

  • Payment plans are available for Spring, Maymester, and Summer programs! Click here for more information on NelNet Payment Plans
  • Financial aid for Maymester/Summer is limited. Federal/State aid (PELL, HOPE, and loans) is the only aid available and students must meet credit and CPoS requirements. Students who intend to use this aid, must complete the Maymester/Summer Financial Aid Application Form must be completed prior to April 1st.


View the Study Abroad Financial Aid & Costs Presentation 2024-2025

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Can I apply my scholarships, grants, and/or financial aid to study abroad?  
Yes, BUT only for fall/spring semester programs! There are restrictions on the aid you can use.  
  • For loans, students must be in 6+ credits to use.  
  • For merit-based scholarships, students must be in 12+ credits.  
  • For Maymester and summer programs, the only aid available is PELL or HOPE (if eligible) and loans taken out from the year.  
  • You can contact Student Financial Services with any further questions. They'll be able to tell you if your scholarship will apply to study abroad as well as any financial aid that you receive. 

Are there restrictions on loan amounts for Maymester/Summer programs?  
Federal/state loan amounts are capped at specific amounts per year. Therefore, if you have used all of your Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loans during Fall/Spring, you will most likely not have eligibility for those during the Maymester/Summer. For more detailed information on loans, see the SFS Loan Page.

Are there any restrictions on what courses I can take while studying abroad? 
CPoS (Course Program of Study) requirements apply to all programs and semesters when studying abroad. Federal or state financial aid may be reduced if the courses taken do not apply to your CPoS. Check out the Belmont CPoS Requirements website for more details.

Is there a discounted study abroad tuition rate for short-term programs? How does it work?  
For the Belmont faculty-led programs in Maymester or Summer, students pay tuition, student fee, and a program fee. A 2/3 discount is applied to the tuition. Therefore, for each 3-hour course you will only be charged for 1 hour of credit. 
Discounted tuition rates for Adult Degree Programs (ADP) do not apply. For ADP students, tuition is charged at the standard undergraduate rate and the study abroad tuition discount is then applied. 

If I want to use financial aid for Maymester/Summer study abroad programs, what do I need to do? 
Federal/State aid (PELL, HOPE, and loans) is the only aid available. Students who intend to use this aid, must complete the Maymester/Summer Financial Aid Application Form must be completed prior to April 1st. 

Will I receive the study abroad discounted tuition rate for semester programs if I enroll in over 18 hours?  
Students participating in semester programs will be responsible for paying the full cost of any credit hour exceeding 18 hours just as if they were on campus. If your total study abroad course load is between 12 – 18 hours there is no additional charge for tuition.

Can I use Nelnet (monthly payment plan)?  
Yes! You can use the monthly payment plan for Fall/Spring semesters AND Maymester/Summer programs. Check out the SFS Payment website for more information.

When can I view my billing statement and when are payments due?  

  • Spring billing statements released mid-late December – Payments due early January  
  • Maymester billing statements released early April – Payments due end of April. 
  • Summer billing statements released early May – Payments due end of May.

What if my financial aid is not available when the fees are due?  
The costs for studying abroad (tuition and/or program fee) will be placed on your MyBelmont account so that when your aid is disbursed, it will be deducted from the outstanding balance on your account. Student account balances are due on the same dates as set by the university for all students. However, all balances must be paid before you leave the country; this is the final deadline for payment.

If I go on a non-Belmont approved program, can I apply for financial aid and scholarships?  
None of the Belmont scholarships or federal financial aid can be used.

Can I utilize my tuition reduction benefits? 
Yes! This applies to Fall, Spring, Maymester or Summer programs! However, it can only apply to an exchange program and only be utilized 1 time while enrolled at Belmont.  

Can I utilize my tuition exchange? 
Yes, but ONLY for a Fall or Spring semester program. It can only apply to an exchange program and only be utilized 1 time while enrolled at Belmont.  

Is there any additional information regarding study abroad for Bell Tower or Honors students?  
Yes, please contact the Student Financial Services with any questions you may have - abroadfinaid@belmont.edu