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Prevention Programs

Title IX & Sexual Violence Prevention

Belmont University believes that educational awareness is a crucial component to violence prevention. The following programs were created with evidence based research and strategies to help inform and empower the Belmont community to end violence. If your student organization or group would like to host one of these programs for your group or as a convocation, please email

Bystander Intervention: It's On Us

The Bystander Effect describes individuals who witness potential criminal events and by their presence contribute in a negative behavior or simply do nothing.  Being an active bystander means overcoming this social norm to notice and interpret the need for intervention and be empowered to act.  Though being an active bystander is important in any potential crime, this approach is most commonly used to combat sexual assault and other forms of sexual violence. A key university focus in crime and violence prevention this year, the bystander intervention program will work towards educating and changing a culture to empower individuals to act and reach out for help. With the president’s focus on the It’s On Us campaign, we are excited to incorporate resources and the pledge with this program for further promotion on campus. 

Basics of Sexual Violence Prevention

This program provides a general overview in statistics and discussion about sexual violence prevention. Topics covered include why statistics are higher in the LGBTQIA community, the correlation between alcohol and sexual assaults, and what is rape-prone culture and how bystander intervention can start to change that culture.  This program also highlights some Belmont specific statistics from findings in our campus climate survey spring 2016 and what prevention efforts Belmont is currently working on to combat sexual violence and end rape-prone culture in our community. 

Basic Self-Defense

A small taste of self-defense tactics, this program reviews several basic tactical releases and several defensive strikes that can be incredibly effective if needed. Though many repetitions are needed to create muscle memory, this program helps explain the philosophy and basic premise of self-defense and gives an interactive opportunity to rehearse with trained facilitators feedback.


Escalation is a workshop about dating and relationship violence including a powerful video example and facilitated discussion. Created by the One Love Foundation, this workshop is rooted in “our honest belief that relationship violence is an epidemic that can be stopped” (Sharon Love). Escalation is a great tool to educate about the importance of healthy relationships, awareness of disturbing signs, and inspiration to act when needed. This is best in a small group setting for discussion.

Men Against Sexual Violence

Ending sexual violence is not simply a “women’s” issue. This awareness program highlights violence in the context of male victims but also what men can do to influence a culture with no violence. Statistics show 1 in 16 men will be a victim of sexual violence during their college years. These men need support and resources. However all men should feel empowered to promote a violence free environment. This can feel more difficult in the modern rape-prone culture, and this program hopes to give practical strategies and a place for honest conversation about how to combat violence.

Reclaiming Consent

Creating a consent culture is crucial to ending the rape-prone culture seen in society today. Consent is clear, knowing, and voluntary. Without consent, sexual violence occurs and can devastate a victim. By exploring what consent is and isn't, this program aims to have honest dialogue about how a culture of consent can be used to end the crime of sexual violence. The program also explores how today's culture and media distorts consent and promotes sexual violence, and practical ways the community can show intolerance to this attitude.