A wide angle shot of the chapel at Belmont. The room is filled with people who stand and worship.

University Ministries

Explore, Deepen, and Live Out Your Faith

At Belmont, it is our mission to be a Christ-centered, student-focused community developing leaders of purpose, character, wisdom and transformational mindset, eager and equipped to make the world a better place. This is what shapes our life together.

We know that each member of the Belmont community has a unique faith journey, shaped by their experiences and the communities from which they come. We don’t all approach faith the same way, think the same things, or even use the same language. But we find unity as we honor one another with openness and hospitality.


We find that Belmont students are asking great questions about spiritual life:

• How will my faith grow and change?
• What do I really believe about God and the life of faith?
• Will I be able to find a new church home or parish?
• Will I find a faith community that will accept who I am and support me?

These are important questions, and we want you to know that University Ministries is here to support students as they explore, deepen, and live out their faith. We work to create space where people from a wide range of faith traditions can find a place to belong.

So we invite you to join us each week for chapel, to check out one of our on-campus faith communities, to serve with us through local organizations or on a mission trip, or to just swing by our office to chat and meet other students. Be assured that no matter where you find yourself in your Belmont journey – University Ministries is here for you!

A group of students walk with children along a dirt road in a village setting.

Find Your Place in God's Story

Belmont on Mission offers opportunities for Belmont students to participate in local service projects as well as domestic and international mission trips.

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