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Health Services

Non-emergency, outpatient medical care for students, faculty & staff

Welcome to Health Services, where we care for our Bruins!

Health Services provides non-emergency, outpatient medical care with an integrative, compassionate approach. Our board-certified Nurse Practitioners and Registered Nurses are dedicated to meeting the unique healthcare needs of the student population. Services include treatment for illnesses and injuries, immunizations, physical exams, laboratory services, travel health, and allergy shots. For specialized or chronic conditions, our staff can assist with referrals to appropriate resources in the Nashville community.

All currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff are eligible for services at the Health Services clinic. We welcome and respect diversity and value each person's unique identity.

Health Services Clinic waiting room

Clinic Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

*Hours may differ during school breaks or holidays.

Contact Us
Phone: 615.460.5506
Fax: 615.460.6131
Email: healthservices@belmont.edu

The Health Services Clinic is located on the first floor of McWhorter Hall adjacent to the Campus Pharmacy. See #6 on the campus map for more directions.

Important Information

Health Services maintains all protected health information in a secure and confidential manner.

Health Services values confidentiality and follows these guidelines around student privacy:

  • You, the student, are the patient; parents/guardians do not have access to your medical records without your consent. Health Services does, however, encourage you to communicate with your parents about your health care.
  • You have the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of protected health information.
  • Health Services does not accept "blanket releases" from patients to discuss their health with their parent or guardian. If you would like Health Services to share information, you must authorize a release for each health problem. Health Services encourages you to discuss health concerns with your parent/guardian as appropriate, and staff will gladly speak with them at your request.
  • In the case of emergency/life-threatening situations or when the student cannot give permission due to the severity of the illness/injury, the student’s emergency contact will be notified by the University. Emergency notification doesn’t require documentation such as an authorization form or power of attorney to be on file.
  • Medical information is not released to other University staff (such as deans or professors) without your written consent. There are a few exceptions when the release of specific information without your expressed consent is necessary in emergencies or is required by law (such as in court cases involving claims of insurance fraud, malpractice, or liability).
  • Each staff member at Health Services signs a confidentiality agreement.

Belmont University Health Services Informed Consent for Treatment & Privacy Practices

Health Services Informed Consent for Treatment and Privacy Practices describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you may have access to this information. Please review the form HERE for more information on how health information about you may be used and disclosed and how you may access this information.

Health Services does not provide excuses for everyday illnesses (such as colds or flu) that may lead to missed classes or incomplete assignments.

Belmont expects that students are honest with their professors regarding their ability to complete work, and professors are expected to work with students on these issues. Students can request an Encounter Form when checking out to document their visit to the Health Services clinic, but details of minor illnesses are not provided to professors routinely. The student’s right to privacy is one important issue that guides this policy. In addition, since there is great variability in each student’s response to minor illnesses, Health Services staff cannot always predict which students will miss assignments or classes in response to these illnesses. Honest communication between a professor and a student can better address these situations on a case by case basis.

In cases of more serious illness or injury, especially those that would require prolonged bed rest or hospitalization, Health Services (with the student’s permission) can notify Belmont Student Care & Support of the student’s illness so that the professors can be formally informed of the situation. Any student can reach out directly to Student Care & Support HERE.

Immunization Records are available for current students and for 30 days following graduation through your Belmont Health Portal. After logging in, select Immunization, View History and click on the printer icon.

If you need to request the release of records to and/or from Health Services, please complete the appropriate form below and turn it in by emailing a copy to healthservices@belmont.edu or dropping it off in person at our clinic. Medical records are kept until 10 years after graduation or leaving school, then they may be destroyed. If you have questions, please call our clinic at 615-460-5506.

Release of Information from Belmont

Release of Information to Belmont

Health Services is conveniently located in located on the first floor in McWhorter Hall on the north end of campus near the fountain. You can find it here on the campus map and is building number 7. All provider visits are done in our main clinic in McWhorter room 106. Vaccine and lab visits are performed down the atrium from our main clinic in McWhorter room 113.

If you live on campus, make your way to the entrance of McWhorter Hall nearest the fountain on the lawn. Once you enter McWhorter Hall at that location turn immediately to your right. You should be able to see the on-campus Pharmacy through the windows. Health Services is located next to the pharmacy.

If you are traveling to campus to visit health services, directions and parking will be very important. Health Services is located in McWhorter Hall which is building number seven on the campus where you can download it by clicking here. Parking is conveniently located under McWhorter Hall, please see below for specific directions on getting to that parking garage and getting to Health Services:
  • Enter the parking garage off Acklen Avenue and 15th Avenue South.
  • Once you turn onto campus you take the first turn on the second roundabout. You should be able to see the fountain directly in front of you and be sure to watch for pedestrians!
  • After taking the first turn you will come to a four-way stop. Turn into the Inman/McWhorter garage.
  • As you enter the Inman/McWhorter garage, turn left to park directly under McWhorter where you will find the elevators that take you directly to the building. If you cannot find parking under McWhorter, you can still park on the Inman side and directions to get to the Health Services from that side will be below.
  • Once you park, head to the McWhorter elevators and take them up to the first floor.
  • After you get to the first floor, turn right out of the elevators which should put you into the lobby of McWhorter.
  • Once in the lobby, turn left toward the fountain. There should be grand staircases on either side of you.

Health Services is located in the left corner and you should be able to see the on-campus pharmacy through the window.

Parking in the Inman Side of the Garage

  • Take the Inman elevators up to the first floor.
  • Once you get to the first floor, turn right which will put you in the lobby of Inman.
  • Take another right and head out of Inman and enter McWhorter through the double doors. Inman and McWhorter share an outdoor patio.

Health Services is located in the front left corner and you should be able to see the on-campus pharmacy through the window.

A nurse taking a student's blood pressure with a stethoscope

Schedule an Appointment

To best serve you, we ask that our patients call to schedule appointments in advance. Appointments may be scheduled online through your Health Portal. Same day appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis by walk-in or calling 615-460-5506.

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Belmont Health Portal

By accessing your health portal, you can schedule appointments with Health Services and Counseling Services, access your immunization records, complete forms, read messages, access statements, and more!

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TimelyCare provides free, confidential, virtual physical & mental health support, accessible 24/7 to all Belmont students - students can access these services by downloading the TimelyCare app and signing in using their MyBelmont log-in information.