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New Student Health Information

All Belmont University students are required to complete Health & Immunization Requirements electronically through their Belmont Health Portal which can be accessed Here. This includes athletes, health science students, international students, transfer students, and part-time students.

Printable Step-by-Step instructions can be downloaded by clicking Here.

Have questions or need assistance? Email us at healthservices@belmont.edu or call us at 615.460.5506

Health & Immunization Requirements

All students are required to complete the Belmont Medical History form located under ‘Forms’ in the Health Portal.

Questions you will be asked include:

  • Medication allergies
  • Medical history
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Emergency contact numbers

We use this information to provide the best care when you visit our clinic. This form will be submitted electronically for our review.

All students must enter the dates they received required immunizations in the health portal After entering the dates, there will be a prompt to upload immunization record(s). For your convenience, a printable immunization form for your physician to fill out can be accessed Here. Please note that if you utilize this form, the dates will still need to be entered electronically into your health portal along with uploading the document. 

We offer all required and some recommended immunizations in our clinic. Please visit the ‘Medical Services’ section of our website to review pricing.

The current immunization requirements are listed below: 
  • 2 MMR shots OR a positive blood test for immunity
  • 2 Varicella shots OR proof of chickenpox disease as a child OR a positive blood test for immunity
  • Meningitis ACYW booster AFTER the age of 16 if you are planning to live on campus (although it is strongly recommended for ALL students regardless of housing status)
  • TB skin test within the past year if you answer ‘Yes’ to any TB screening questions on health form (if you cannot get a TB skin test due to previous positive results or sensitivity, we will accept a negative chest x-ray within 5 years or a negative Quantiferon gold test within the past year)

The following immunizations are not required, but strongly recommended:

  • Updated COVID-19 vaccine
  • 3 Hepatitis B vaccines
  • Tetanus (Td or Tdap) vaccine within the past 10 years
  • 2 Meningitis B vaccines
  • 2 Hepatitis A vaccines
  • Yearly influenza vaccine

The following immunizations are required for students planning to have patient contact for their program. (i.e. Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, OT, PT) *Please contact your program advisor for more detailed information:

  • Positive blood test for immunity for Hepatitis B, MMR, & Varicella
  • Tetanus (Tdap) vaccines within the past 10 years
  • TB skin test within the past year (regardless of screening question answers)

Please visit the CDC for up-to-date information on current vaccines for adults (19 years or older).

Please review our ‘Student Consent for Treatment and Privacy Practices’ in its entirety and sign electronically through your health portal.

This document explains our services and your rights as a patient in our clinic. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian co-sign. We require this to be signed before your first visit to the clinic.

Click here to view the form

Click here to sign electronically

All students are required to upload proof of medical insurance through their health portal. See additional information on Fees and Insurance.

Important Messages

Please OPT IN through your Health Portal to receive important text messages from Health Services.

Please note: Once submitted, records may take up to a week to be reviewed. You can check your status below.

Check “Messages” in your Health Portal for communication from Health Services regarding missing requirements or documentation.

Still having trouble completing the requirements?

Please watch one of the 4 instructional videos below to assist you or visit our FAQ section.