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University Withdrawal Policy

University Withdrawal Checklist:

 It is solely the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from the university.

  • Please be aware of the final deadline to withdraw from the university for each semester.
  • Communicate with your advisor and instructors immediately.
  • Submit the University Withdrawal Agreement
  • Contact Student Financial Services to confirm the account balance or financial implications of the university withdrawal. They can be reached at 615-460-6403 or
  • Campus residents should contact the Office of Residence Life at 615-460-5802.
  • Student athletes should contact their Athletic Coordinator  
  • Recipients of a Veteran Education benefit should contact the VA Certification and Academic Compliance Specialist, Daina Hunter, at 615-460-6781 or
  • Review your academic record through BannerWeb. 

Students are required to take the following actions to officially withdraw from the university:

  1. Complete the University Withdrawal Agreement.  
  2. Students will receive a confirmation email upon submission of this form. There is no further action students will need to take upon receiving this email. However, if students have specific questions about their accounts, they can contact the Student Financial Services or Residence Life Offices respectively, (see checklist items below).

Actions that DO NOT Constitute an Official Withdrawal:

  • Dropping or withdrawing from all courses through BannerWeb 
  • Never attending classes or discontinue attendance in classes  
  • Contacting an advisor, instructor or any other representative of the university 
  • Nonpayment for courses 

Students who submit the University Withdrawal Agreement by the last day of the drop/add period for the semester of intended withdrawal, (refer to the academic calendar), will not earn final grades for the effective term. After the drop/add period, withdrawal grades are recorded on the student’s academic record in accordance with the grading policy in the current academic catalog, and with the withdrawal dates provided on the academic calendar. After the university withdrawal deadline, withdrawals are not permitted, and final grades are assigned by the instructors based on the student’s attendance and academic performance in the course.

Students do not earn academic credit for withdrawn course(s). A final grade of withdrawal (W) is assigned during the grade of W period. A grade of W does not count in the grade point average.

During the withdrawal with a grade period, a final grade of withdraw passing (WP) or withdraw failing (WF) is assigned by the instructor based on the student’s attendance, coursework and participation in the class. A final grade of FN is earned when a student exceeds the number of class absences according to the class attendance policy. Withdrawn courses count as attempted but not earned credit hours. Bill hours do not change when a course is withdrawn.

Contact the Student Financial Services at 615-460-6403 or email with specific questions about the financial impacts (e.g. student account balance, Return of Title IV funds, removal of federal and institutional aid and tuition refund policy) of a withdrawal from the university. When a student officially withdraws, refund of tuition is governed by the calculated from the first official day of classes. However, additional cancellation fees may be assessed. After the drop/add period ends, fee are nonrefundable (i.e. student fee and course fees). The tuition refund policy only applies to students who officially withdraw from the university within the first five weeks of the fall or spring semester. The refund percentages do not apply to schedule changes (for instance, withdrawal from courses but not the university). Contact Belmont Central at 615-460-5402 with questions about your student account or the tuition refund policy.

For a chart that lists the percentage of tuition to be refunded based on the date of university withdrawal, please check out Important Dates Refund Policy.